Idris is a programming language designed to encourage Type-Driven Development.

Idris 2

Development is currently underway on Idris 2, the successor to Idris.

Edwin Brady, the Idris author, gave a talk at Curry On London! 2019 on the type-driven development of Idris which showcases some of the new features in Idris 2.


On NixOS you can use the following shell.nix in order to get (most of) the dependencies required to build Idris 2:

with import <nixpkgs> {};

stdenv.mkDerivation {
  name = "idris2";

  buildInputs = [

You will also need a version of Idris 1 installed. At time of writing the idris package for NixOS is currently broken, so you'll need to build Idris 1 from source as well:

git clone idris-dev
cd idris-dev
stack install --nix

Idris 1 should now be installed to ~/.local/bin/idris. Make sure that ~/.local/bin is on your PATH before attempting to build Idris 2.

Once all of these dependencies are installed, you should be all set to start hacking on Idris 2!